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Grilled-to-Order Prime Meals

Prime Steakhouse meets Drive thru

Donate to Help the Fight against Pancreatic Cancer

We started Angie's Lobster, and then Angie's Prime Grill, to honor my mother, Angela "Angie" Christofellis, who passed away from Pancreatic Cancer on March 2, 2020. It was her courage, her fight, her love for life, family and others that inspired us to create a restaurant with a mission to make luxury foods affordable to everyone. It is also what continues to inspire us every day to be better and do better. Together, let's do our part to work towards finding a cure, or at the least, give people more time with their loved ones. What I wouldn't do for more time with my mom. We appreciate any donation you can make.  


$8.99, NOW $6.99
Grilled-to-Order Chicken Meal

We've lowered the price of our grilled-to-order chicken meal, with a drink, from $8.99 to just $6.99! We are making it even more affordable to eat healthy in 2024! Enjoy as a Warm Bowl, Grilled Burrito or Fresh-cut Salad, made with premium and organic ingredients and flavorful sauces! 

Prime Steakhouse Meets Drive-Thru

The mission of making luxury foods affordable continues with Angie’s newest concept! We feature USDA Prime Steak, Antibiotic and Hormone Free Chicken and Wild-Caught Mexican Colossal Shrimp, all straight off the grill and into any one of our Warm Bowls, Grilled Burritos or Fresh-cut Salads. We’re using premium and organic ingredients and creating sauces packed with bold flavors!

We are thrilled to make gourmet meals, using ingredients normally only found at high-end restaurants, for the same price and convenience of a drive-thru fast food meal! 

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Warm Bowls

Our Menu

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Grilled Burritos

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Fresh-cut Salads

Angie's Prime Breakfast

Now serving Grilled Breakfast Burritos and Breakfast Bowls, made with seasoned and grilled breakfast potatoes, 2 fresh cracked eggs prepared over medium, pepper jack cheese and a house-made salsa using heirloom tomatoes! Top with your choice of USDA Prime Steak, Bacon, Sausage, Beef Chorizo or Chicken. All Meals include Cold Brew or any drink of your choice! 


Walk-up and order from a team member at any of our locations.

Ways to Order

Order Online


Order online for pick-up or delivery via DoorDash at select locations only.



Drive-thru locations throughout the Phoenix Valley! Find the one nearest you!

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