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Prime Steakhouse Meets Drive-thru 


Featuring $9.99
Grilled Prime Meals

The mission of making luxury foods affordable continues with Angie’s newest concept! We feature $9.99 Prime Meals made using USDA Prime Steak and Organic Chicken, straight off the grill and into any one of our Warm Bowls, Grilled Burritos or Fresh-cut Salads. We’re using premium and organic ingredients and house-made sauces packed with bold flavors to make good-for-you food, craveable!

When we launched Angie's Lobster in 2021, we realized just how much luxury food, like lobster, means to hard-working Americans. Making something that was once only enjoyed on special occasions, into something that's a part of their weekly routine! We are thrilled to keep that mission going with Angie's Prime Grill using Prime Steak, Organic Chicken and premium and organic ingredients. So, what's the difference between Angie's Prime Grill and a Steakhouse? We are pricing our meals competitive with a fast food meal, along with the speed and convenience of a drive-thru!

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880 E Lone Cactus Dr.

Phoenix, AZ 85024


Opening Hours

Coming Monday, Oct. 16th!

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